With all this talk going around about the increasing number of bed bug infestations reported, some people are getting a little bit worried, and wondering what they can do to prevent bed bugs. But this really is a tough task to take on, as bed bug prevention is really hard to do, considering that they are just about everywhere, and I mean everywhere.

See bed bugs are travelers, and they don’t like paying fees either, they usually hitch rides, and some places they like to hide when they are hitching rides are suitcases and clothes. It doesn’t matter where you go, there is a chance that they can be there, as they are not picking at all about choosing their habitat, as long as there is some nice warm blood around for them to feed on, then they are fine living there.

There have been reports of bed bugs on cruise ships, airlines, hotels, apartments, homes, business buildings, college dorm rooms, you name it, there have more than likely been reported that people are getting bed bug bites.

How To Prevent Bed Bugs?

prevent bed bugs

As of this time, there is no repellent that will keep bedbugs at bay, as they are immune to just about every kind that is out there. For instance, mosquito repellent doesn’t affect the bed bug, unless it is sprayed on them directly, once the mosquito repellent is in the dry form, it has absolutely no effect against them.

Technology is advancing though, and new products are being tested daily, and I believe that one day in the future there will be an effective bed bug repellent that is out there. But as of now I do not know of any that actually work, if I am wrong then please feel free to inform me.

So the prevention of bed bugs is not really possible, to the 100% mark anyway. But by being aware of bed bugs, learning about bed bugs, you can definitely prevent the problem from getting worse, if by chance you realize that you have bed bugs in your home.

As discussed in this blog, there are many ways that you can take to getting rid of bed bugs. Every thing from the DIY extermination with bed bug sprays, bombs and powders, to the steam cleaning, to the professional extermination methods. The important thing is preventing them from spreading, as the female bed bug has no problems laying hundreds of eggs every single year, and remember it only takes the baby nymph a couple of feeding until they reach adult hood, so keep your eyes peeled, and if you notice that you have insect bites on you in the morning, you may want to start searching for bed bugs, as stated before, I would start at the bed inbetween the cracks and crevices of the mattress.

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Don’t let the bed bugs bite and take over you home, stop them before they spread, that is really the only kind of bed bug prevention advice that I am able to give you at this time. The more aware you are the better off you will be, don’t wait until your body is covered with insect bites to take action.